Whiskey and weddings go together like.....
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I need a fantastically witty but short phrase that plays on some combination of whiskey, aging whiskey, a barrel, manhattans, marriage, and love.

So my very dearest friend is getting married, and I am planning to get her and her man one of these awesome customized whiskey aging barrels from the local whiskey distillery (shameless plug - if you live in Pittsburgh, go take a tour/tasting, they are awesome). They both love whiskey and drinking manhattans, so I think they will really dig this. I'm going to include some un-aged white rye and also a bottle of bitters as part of the kit.

So my question is, can you help me think of a great, witty, whiskey- and love-related phrase to put on the barrel under their names and wedding date? The sample on the website says "Blend and age with love", which is pretty damned awesome I think, but I'd like to be more original if I can. My only (cheesy) idea so far is "Grow old....with whiskey!". But yeah, that's totally lame-o.

Help me, hivemind!
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This might not be exactly what you're looking for, but this is my favorite pun ever and I can't resist the urge to drop it in a whiskey/love question:

"She was only a whiskey maker, but he loved her still".
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Everything is smoother with patience, love, and sharing.
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Love, age, drink. Repeat.
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May your love age in a barrel of kindness & generosity.
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You might stylize the Manhattan recipe as a toast, something like:

"May your water of life hold but dram of sorrow, and a full measure of sweetness."

(Water of life: whiskey [in Irish Gaelic, uisce beatha, which means "water of life"]; measure of sweetness: sweet vermouth; dram of sorrow: dash of bitters.)
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The devil takes its cut, the angels take their share, what's left is pure heaven - in whiskey and in love. Drink deeply and be fulfilled.
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There's an Irish toast that starts:
"May your glass be always full"
which can obviously be read in both a literal and figurative sense.
You could also adapt it maybe,
"May your glass be always full, of whiskey and of love"?
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These are all great guys! I will say, based on the size of the barrel I think I'm probably limited to <10 words, so the shorter, the sweeter.
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Another nice one might be "May this forever bring warmth to your hearts"
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Something about love/relationships and whiskey both getting better with age?
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It's very simple, but this situation reminds me of the song "Drunkard's Prayer" from the same-titled album by the group Over the Rhine. Check it out and see if you like it?

You're my water
You're my wine
You're my whiskey
From time to time

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Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you may diet.
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In sunshine and in moonshine.
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