No power to car stereo or starter
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While installing a new car stereo in my 1999 Saturn SW2, I screwed something up, as I no longer get voltage to the orange "constant power" wire (well, sometimes a mere hundredth of a volt!) to my car stereo, and my engine won't crank either! Yet all of my other electronics (headlights, air conditioner, etc.) work fine. Is there a blown fuse preventing power from getting to the starter and the car stereo? If so, where might the fuse be? The fuses in the fuse box are all fine.
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Fuses can be blown even if they look OK. Pull out the fuse and your multimeter and check it. Or just swap for a spare one and see.
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Response by poster: Figured it out. There was a fuse box inside of the car on the passenger side of the dash. I didn't know it was there because my books were blocking it. The 10A "chime" fuse had burned out. I put a new fuse in and now my car starts right up.
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