Is Adderall legal in Israel?
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I am traveling from US to Israel this week, and I am having trouble finding out if Adderall is legal there. Can I bring my meds to Israel? Can I fill a prescription there? Thanks! My google search was fruitless.
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I wouldn't worry about traveling as long as you're carrying it in the original bottle with your name on it.
If you're gone for longer than a month, you can call your insurance company (American I assume) and ask for a vacation override and then get a X month supply from your doctor, if she or he is okay with it, you're good to go. Getting it filled there will be quite a pain. Only do this if you're moving.
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Yes you can bring your drugs, as long as they are in the original dispensary bottle. No, you cannot fill a prescription there without enormous pain, if at all.
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You cannot directly fill American prescriptions in a foreign country. You can make an appointment with a doctor in Israel, bring a copy of your prescription, and ask him/her to write you a comparable prescription to be filled in Israel. This is your best solution if you're going to be there a while.

Israel and most of the members of the UN are signatories to the Convention on Psychotropic Substances, which list Adderall and all amphetamines as a Schedule II drug. If you're going for a short time, you'd be best taking only what you need, in the original bottle, with the prescription in your name. I haven't seen anything saying that Adderall is entirely banned in Israel (like it is in South Korea and Japan), but absence of proof doesn't mean much. Nevertheless if it's obvious that it is for your personal use, I think they will not give you much grief about it.
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You can bring adderall into Israel legally. Filling a prescription from an American doctor is not possible.

Get an extra supply as k8t suggests. Carry it in it's original dispensary bottle with your name on it. Bring a spare copy of your prescription in case you need a refill and a note from your doctor that states the adderall is your prescription medication. Keep it all in your carry-on bags, not your checked bags. Declare the pills and if asked, show them & your note. Hidden medications are a red flag for customs.

If you stay at a hotel and have a room safe keep your prescription medications there. Losing your pills in a foreign country can be a disaster.
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I went to Israel last year for a few weeks and to a supply of adderall. I did not leave it in the original container, did not have a copy of my Rx, and did declare it at customs. I had zero problems. Not to say that you shouldn't do those things, but this is unlikely to be a big deal.
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This is the last thing I wanted to worry about on my way to the airport! I shouldn't have been so anon about it, so posting to say thanks!!
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Looks like you're fine, but my comment above should say "...and did NOT declare it at customs." Sorry about that.
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Generic Adderall is made in Israel by Teva. Bring a bottle with your name on it.
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