Requesting a French police report. Enclose €5 for stamps?
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I need to request a police report from a French city. The USPS doesn't sell International Reply Coupons anymore, and I can't mail coins. I can send a €5 bill (about US$7) to cover the €2 postage, or nothing at all. I have included my email and fax in the letter as well as a self-addressed envelope. Is it a good idea or bad idea to include the five Euros?
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Can you or a Francophone friend give the non-emergency number for the police in the town a call and see what they would prefer?
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The French post office seems to offer a print-at-home service; might that be an option?
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Is it a good idea or bad idea to include the five Euros?

It's a perfectly fine idea if they take cash. What are you imagining are the downsides to a $7 solution to your problem? Otherwise I'm sure someone here can hook you up with stamps.
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