It's Always Sunny in L.A. (Dermatologist needed and more LA questions!)
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So we moved to Los Angeles four days ago (in what I think is Mid-Wilshire-- the closest landmarks are the tar pits and the Grove) and while I've been eagerly reading past archives of LA lifehacks and tips, I could use some further advice.

I'm realizing there's a growing list of things, people, and service providers that I need to find replacements relatively nearby* for like a dermatologist (relatively urgent because I'm overdue for a check-- I have three weeks of COBRA and then...Covered CA? Any recommendations for plans?), regular GP, dentist/oral surgeon, and then less important things like a cobbler, manicure place, tailor...

...and if you have any experience with this, driving schools for adult learners. Or advice on doing the learner's permit/driver's license in CA.

Our old area had a pretty robust set of local Facebook groups that functioned as community water coolers for everything from local events to doctor recs to news to what-is-this-bug, as well as some well-moderated online yard sale groups. I would love to find a replacement for those, if possible, but I haven't had any luck searching for those on Facebook and it seems like there haven't been references to other forums or listserves in past questions.

I'm pretty set on local grocery stores, farmer's markets, local library, hardware stores, Target etc, and I've spent time living in Santa Monica in the past in college so this isn't completely new territory, but any other local recommendations would be very welcome. Thanks, all.

*for whatever value of nearby works-- either relatively close or a decent walk or accessible by one or two buses? Still getting used to the area.
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I don't know how active it is in LA but I moved to a new neighborhood in SF and I've found a lot of stuff (nail salon, dog groomer, etc) by asking on NextDoor. Might be a good more-local resource if you don't find stuff on AskMe.

I moved back to California a few years ago and had to renew my license. The DMV website is pretty clunky but if you search around they do have an interactive test that mimics the questions on the written test. That was really helpful for me when practicing for the written test. You'd have to Google but I am pretty sure that the written drivers test and written permit test are from the same batch of questions.

Also on the DL topic, if you can find someone nearby who has taken the driving test out of the same DMV location, have them show you the route. There are usually only a few routes that they use. When I got my DL in high school my friend's brother and his friends took us on the route so we could practice.
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This might not be the most creative answer, but I don't know of any local resources for doctors, etc., that are better then just plugging your zipcode into Yelp. I've had great luck with putting in what I want and picking someone near me with good reviews.

For what it's worth, I'd call that neighborhood "Miracle Mile," but "Mid-City" or "Mid-Wilshire" works too.
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I took driving lessons from Sears.
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I used Melrose Driving School many many years ago, and I liked them as an adult and beginning driver.


I have also used Yelp to start the search for all kinds of services.
Also, just walking around the neighborhood...the area has really blossomed in the last few years, especially on Wilshire near La Brea...
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I use Yelp for most things, but a lot of people don't use it for doctors yet so it's sort of hit-or-miss. You might ask your former doctor if they can recommend someone in LA. At least to get in to see someone now; you can always change when you've had more time to catch your breath and get acclimated. The good news is you're near Cedars and UCLA, so you should have a good pool of candidates in a close radius. (I'very also seen that Angie's List is trying to get into the doctor review game, but we gave up our subscription so I have'nt checked it out. See if you can "borrow" someone's subscription via craigslist).
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