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So i have a bit of a weird one here. I'm aware that there are speakers that can pair to eachother so you can use two as a stereo sound pair, or just two at once(E.G. jambox mini, beats pill XL). What i'm looking for though, is sort of the reverse.

Mainly, i want a transmitter that can pair and transmit to any two(or more, that would be cool) speakers simultaneously create that sort of effect. It does not need to do the fancy stereo thing, just be capable of transmitting to multiple receiving devices.

So far my searching has found things that vaguely seem to advertise double pairing, but when you look at the actual specs or FAQ like the one for this you realize that it can keep two in memory, but only use one at a time.

I don't want to buy fancy new speakers to get this sort of feature, i just want to buy a little transmitter module i can plug into any device i want that's capable of doing this. Thusfar, i haven't found it, but it seems like it must be out there.

What i'm trying to avoid is something silly like combining a splitter like this with a bunch of these or cheaper versions of something along the lines of both of those. I'm hoping to just get one unit like that little transmitter i linked that just does it. Does this exist?
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Best answer: This Monoprice one says it can transmit to two Bluetooth receivers at once, and the reviews back that claim up.
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Response by poster: holy crap, mefi is fast. that's pretty cheap too.

i'm not marking this resolved yet just in case someone knows one that can do more than two, but i'm pretty happy.
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