Help me brainstorm names for Science Fiction Convention / Festival
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Looking for ideas for a name for science fiction convention. This event will cover the full spectrum of the science fiction genre, as well as real space and science stuff, and I'm hoping for a name that is both intriguing and fun. Ideas?

Hey, Mefites. Early last year you helped me brainstorm a name for a Halloween convention (we settled on ScareLA -- nothing ingenious, but it works for us). Now, venturing into a galaxy far, far away, boldly going where no man has gone before, I'm considering tackling a science fiction themed convention/festival.

Any suggestions for a name?
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Where will it be held? The best names are puns on the location (e.g. BOSKONE in Boston).
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This event will cover the full spectrum of the science fiction genre

Full Spectrum
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The event will be in Los Angeles.
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Sorry, there's a moratorium on new conventions in LA. Since you guys nabbed WonderCon, you're not allowed to get any new ones until we do.

Just kidding. Actually, Full Spectrum is pretty good.

SSF (science & science fiction)
Sense of Wonder/Sensawunda

+/- "Con"

Please note that I haven't checked to see if any of these are taken. (I mean, I didn't write down "Supermassive" because I'm vaguely aware that's a company name, but other than that...)
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You could go with the time-honored con-pun name. Something like Contact, Concept, Concatenate, or Concentrate.

I would love to propose Voyager for something like that, except the name is besmirched by that show (and you'd get a C&D order from Paramount).
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To be fair, WonderCon is in Anaheim. ;p

(but note: I actually prefer cons that don't have the name "con" in them.)
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Look, it's all the same from here. ;)

Seriously though, where can we find out about it if you get this thing off the ground? I'm totally interested and other Mefites probably are too.
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Tomorrow Today L.A. (kind of a mouthful though :) )
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Why not make it a take on the con you've already done and do [word]LA?

Of course, the hard part is coming up with one simple word that describes all of SFF/genre fandom and which couldn't be confused with some other thing. For example FrontierLA, ExploreLA, AdventureLA, QuestLA, etc all sound like some other kind of thing.



I won't even bother suggesting FantasyLA.
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I really like Full Spectrum, even though it makes me think of the sci-fi/fantasy art annual. If you put some real effort into having notable representation of all genders and orientations in sff, along with a strong anti-harassment policy, I think you can make a real splash with that name.

(Also YAY actual science at a convention!)
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(FWIW there's already one of those Facebook Group sort of Buzzfeed-esque things called Full Spectrum Geek. Not sure if they've trademarked that name or how married to their brand they are, but I would be leery of starting a con with that name without at least feeling out how likely they are to notice/care/sue.)
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(From a Metafilterian I can't credit because it's on a profile page.)
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