Moving with a Soda Stream?
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This is possibly a silly question, but are there any precautions I should take when moving my Soda Stream machine across country?

We're getting ready to move across the country. We will be using a U-pack relocube (found via MeFi recommendations!) to move all of our belongings, which is similar to PODS. I own a Soda Stream machine, the one with the smaller canister. Is there anything to be concerned with while packing and shipping the machine? Should we try to fully discharge the CO2 canister before packing? Something else? Also, we will be moving to Denver, which is at a higher altitude than our hometown of DC. Does that factor in at all? Thanks for your help in keeping my water bubbly!
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If anything, just unscrew the canister and wrap it separately. This will prevent undue torque where the bottle screws into the machine. Then just wrap it like you would any other kitchen appliance.

(And I don't think altitude will make any discernible difference. I'm at 3500 feet, but I've never done an A/B comparison of lower altitude bubble-making.)
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Altitude won't factor into safe shipping of the cannister as the cannister is pressurized to multiples of an atmosphere and must be designed to be shipped to Colorado under normal consitions anyway.

My main concern would be if its legal to ship the pressurized cylinder, and whether a cylinder of that volume needs to be declared as Dangerous Goods or have any other precautions taken.

The other thing i would do is unscrew the cylinder from the machine to prevent accidental discharge, and cover the top of the cylinder to keep dirt out of it.
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It may not be covered under the U-pack insurance.

I would just turn my canisters in before moving and go get a new one on arrival.
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Technically, you probably aren't allowed to pack it. (See here, "pressurized tanks"). We just moved across country with full-service movers, and they were really careful to find and remove any such things, like the tiny cartridges for inflating bike tires.

Whether they'll actually cause any trouble is another issue. But I'd probably just eat the cost and buy a new canister in Denver.
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It's not legal to ship the CO2 canister (or pack it up for a moving company).

My advice is to make a LOT of soda before you move and try to empty out the canister. Take the empty canister with you in the car, if you're driving, and pack the rest of the machine for the movers. Exchange the empty canister for a full one when you get to Denver.

If you're flying, I think you're just going to have to throw out/recycle the empty canister and buy a new one in Denver at full price.
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Anything other than air travel is a non-issue. Just take it with your as normal.
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