Little quiet vacation/retreat on my own?
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It’s been a stressful year thus far and I really need to get away for a few days, but alas, none of my friends are available for a trip right now. I’d love to go somewhere in mid/late August. I have a bunch of requirements, of course!

I like to hike and kayak and swim etc but not like, twenty miles a day every day for a week. That would kill me. A trip where you do a little of each thing would be ideal. So that rules out any of REI’s trips or any trips that are billed as “outdoorsy”. I’m in NYC right now and the heat is unbearable, so anywhere hotter than NY is definitely out. Price wise….um… I guess I’d go up to a thousand dollars, but of course, less is preferable. I’m thinking something between 3-7 days. I would love a retreat in some pretty little place with yoga and spa amenities and good food, but nothing religious and nothing vegan. No sleeping in a tent.

I just want to relax for a few days and not feel awkward being there on my own. I know the perfect place is out there!
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I've never been, but one place that always seems to come up on "need an escape from NYC!" question is the Mohonk Mountain House. Looks like they have rooms AND adorable little cottages AND cool nature-y activities AND a pretty luxe spa.
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Okay, this seems pretty hippy dippy, but it seems like it has what you're looking for.


They have tents for those who want them, or cabins/rooms for regular people.
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Response by poster: I just want to clarify before anyone else answers - I'm really looking for something like a retreat or a guided trip - not just a cool place to visit. I know it's a hang up of mine, but I would feel super awkward just going somewhere by myself and hanging out.

Mohonk and Omega are both right by my parents' house so I've already been both places a bunch of times, unfortunately. They're both great though!
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Do you mean something like this?
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Best answer: Have you heard of the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health?
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This place is in California so it's probably unrealistic but I really enjoyed it.
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I see on your update that you are looking for a retreat/guide, but: Buttermilk Inn and Spa is nice! It's in upstate NY, so you can drive it, probably about 2 hours away or so. They have yoga in the morning, hiking trails on property, a restaurant (cafe?), a pool, sauna, steamroom, and spa services. I would highly recommend it. (But if you want to go there, book soon, they tend to book out (for spa services, anyway) at least 6 weeks out.

Otherwise, maybe this article from Buzzfeed might help - it lists "summer camps" for adults, which are more along the lines of a retreat. I had my eye on Soul Camp in Pennsylvania, but can't make it that weekend.
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Best answer: Seconding Kripalu! More specifically, have a look at the description of their R&R Retreats, which include hiking and kayaking options as well as meditation, yoga, and other kinds of de-stressing-oriented workshops.

Hope you find somewhere lovely!
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Best answer: Thirding Kripalu. I went there in April for a four-day R&R Retreat, a self-designed package that includes your accommodations (everything from dorm space to a private room and bath); excellent, healthy food (this omnivore was well pleased); optional yoga classes and self-improvement workshops; and access to hiking/walking trails, a sauna and steam room and fitness equipment.

Not included in the package price are facials and massages, but I had a sublime reflexology session that was definitely worth the extra money.

I'm the maximum introvert, so I was happy that the Kripalu Center has no-talking common spaces for reading and meditation. I went by myself and never felt awkward. You can be as sociable or reserved as you want to be there.

It's in the western Mass. Berkshires, about three hours from NYC. You can drive there, or take a taxi or a center shuttle from the nearest bus and train stations.

tl;dr If you want a low-key, reasonably priced vacation in a beautiful setting that's relatively near New York, Kripalu is for you.
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I'd research the Adirondacks. Tupper Lake, or one of the smaller towns.
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Response by poster: Kripalu is the winner! One of their R&R retreat weekends is specifically for yoga and kayaking! I'm so excited. Thanks everyone for your great suggestions!
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That sounds fantastic. Have a great time!
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