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I'd like to export the "wisdom of Metafilter" that I've favorited over the years, but I'd like to do it with the least amount of effort and risk of error. The two methods I've found so far will require quite a bit of copy/pasting. Am I missing a special killer-combo-move or will I just have to roll up my sleeves and get my ctrl+ C/P fingers warmed up?

I have over 600 favorites that I'd like to export so I can edit and rearrange them in a scrapbook-y project. The two methods of exporting favorited comments I've found so far would require quite a bit of copy/pasting in order to complete the project:

- Export All Favorites - Which gives you HTML links to the favorite in the thread
- View Favorites - Which is great, but sometimes gives you a truncated >more

Color me lazy, but is there any way to export the full text of my favorites so I can limit copy pasting and not screw it up by missing comments?
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