So my Mom is on low carb diet and her birthday is coming up...
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I don't have a clue what to make her for a dessert, I have been trying to find ideas on internet but I would really like to make something simple that doesn't call for odd ingredients I don't have. I see you can get low carb ice cream and I was thinking maybe using that as a starting point - what can I make that would be good?

I was thinking about the Snicker's on a Diet Recipe (7.1 carb a serving) but I have made this in the past and I was wanting something different.
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I remember my mom making a cheesecake with reduced sugar and a ground nut crust when she was low carb. Pretty good.
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You know what I just had that was delicious? I mean, it has fruit and I'm not sure how much fruit you can get on a low carb diet, but it was really good. And while it seems weird, I can get the two ingredients at Cub (go to the gluten free/Bob's Red Mill/variety flour section for the hemp seeds). So anyway....fresh mango pulp topped with hemp seeds. It sounds absolutely bizarre, but a friend of mine made some and told me I had to try it, and it was amazing - partly because the mangoes were really ripe.

But anyway, I would - and I am not on a low carb diet - take a bowl of that over cake any day of the week, it was that good.
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2. There are always raspberries/blueberries and whipped cream (whip it yourself if possible)

3. Dark chocolate (around 85%)
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@Frowner while mango is very good, it's also about 45g of carb per fruit. So not exactly low carb.
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One year when I was on low carb my office mates got me a meat and cheese plate for my birthday instead of a cake. It was a nice gesture and I'd have much preferred it to the alternative of some kind of Splenda-fied Frankencake.
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Possibly pavlova? It's a marshmallowy meringue (so egg whites + tiny bit of vinegar + sweetener, and artificial sweeteners work ok). Top with whatever fruit she's able to have--berries are my favorite, and, iirc, are pretty low-carb. Top with (real) whipped cream, which is, obviously, mostly just cream. Delicious and pretty low-carb friendly.
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Try this cashew dream cake. It's simple to make with a food processor, involves no actual baking, and you can try it with a bunch of different nuts and/or berries. I've made it with raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries before. You don't have to go all out with making the crust or different flavor layers, either. The top fruity nut layer is fine on its own.
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Maybe a flourless chocolate cake?
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I love these brownies when doing low carb, but the ingredients might not be items you have in your pantry.
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Sugar free jello with whipped cream!
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Especially if your mom is okay with artificial sweeteners, there are some ideas here. I can vouch for the three minute small cakes. They're great with fresh whipped cream and berries.

Also: read labels and look up carb counts. I have yet to see an AskMe like this without at least one NOT low carb suggestion. sigh
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Have you checked with your mom first? She may think her birthday is a cheat day and feel disappointed if she doesn't get her favorite cake.
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Something simple and delicious that my friends did once was slice some super-ripe peaches in half, and bake them in the oven sprinkled with a pat of butter, some cinnamon, and a little nutmeg. Top that with your low-carb ice cream, and it's delicious and not overly sweet.

You can substitute about any stone fruit that's sufficiently low-carb for this, I imagine. I've done it and added molasses or brown sugar to the peaches along with other spices. You can use greek yogurt instead of ice cream or add toasted nuts. It's a nice, versatile dessert.
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Make some warm blackberry compote and drizzle it over the ice cream. Yum yum yum.

Blackberries are among the lowest carb of all fruit. I use calvados instead of cassis, but you don't need either of those -- a little vanilla also works. And blackberries are in season, depending on where you live.
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Avocado chocolate mousse? There are tons of variations, some use honey or agave syrup, this recipe uses stevia. You could probably use something like Splenda if she uses that (ask first). Some recipes call for coconut milk or almond milk. The key is to make sure you buy the avocados ahead of time and let them sit on the counter a few days.

These dark chocolate meringue cookies are good. I don't bother with the nibs, just use a really good quality dark chocolate bar. Again, you could use Splenda, because they do contain some sugar (but only 5g carbs). You could dress them up with whipped cream and berries for mini pavlovas, as mentioned above.

If she eats dairy, strawberry fool is yummy.
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(I apologize for the not-low-carb suggestion - I should have checked.)
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ok so part of me thinks this is kind of mean, to present this delicious cake-looking thing with delicious frosting only to cut into it and find NOT CAKE but WATERMELON.... like it kind of feels like a ruiner of dreams.

BUT it looks pretty nice (pro tip: add sprinkles), it's kind of celebration-y, and it's pretty low-carb. so i present to you the ruiner of cake dreams, the watermelon cake.
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Aren't there different low carb diets out there? (I have no idea, having never been on one).

I'd just ask your mom what kind of desserts that she can have. Or sweet ingredients. And then, go from there. It may not be a complete surprise then, but better than making something that she may not be able to eat or enjoy.
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Use a standard cheesecake recipe and substitute Splenda for Sugar. I use the one from the America's Test Kitchen cookbook, but any good recipe will do.

The crust I use ground almonds or pecans, cinnamon, Splenda and some butter.

Done and done.

Cheesecake Factory makes one, so you can order it and buy it if you like.

Really, don't dick around with anything else. Cheesecake is a perfect thing to adapt.

Happy your mom's birthday!
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Whatever you choose, one important note: Do not sweeten chocolate with Splenda! Just makes it taste nasty.

As a long time low carber, I'd say that the best thing to do would be just to go simple. Pre-made low carb ice cream (Breyer's or So Delicious No Sugar Added coconut based) and the best fresh berries you can get. Going beyond that starts to get tricky very quickly. And the sugar-free instant pudding has aspartame, and is pretty darn carby anyway. Home made whipped cream made with Splenda and some nice berries is also a fantastic dessert. That's what I did for my mom's low carb birthday at the end of May.
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Your options might differ depending on the type of low carb your Mom is doing.

Lower carb is different from a very low carb ketogenic diet.

I'd not like to add 7 carbs to my day when I'm probably averaging around 30/35 net carbs a day.

Cheat days really can't exist for me, I'll do a cheat long weekend/week once or twice a year, usually around a big holiday/vacation. Otherwise it is just too much of a pain getting back into Ketosis and dealing with the weight gain/feeling crappy/setback.

Nthing Cheesecake. It's what I made for the Mrs on her last bday.
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I have a couple of low-carb, keto dessert recipes:
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