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Can you recommend other novels like Russell Hoban's Turtle Diary and The Bat Tattoo?

I love these books but oddly I didn't like Riddley Walker or Pilgermann, and put them each down after fifty pages or so.

That leaves about ten other Hoban novels though -- which ones should I try first? And which novels by other writers are similar to Turtle Diary and/or Bat Tattoo?
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Reading The Lion of Boaz-Jaquin and Jaquin-Boaz right now but unfortunately haven't read either of the ones you've read, yet. Anyhow, this one is like a modern myth in style. There are magical elements but the writing is straightforward and simple. It reminds me a bit of Blindness by Jose Saramago in style for some reason - maybe the straightforward but magical thing.

I also read Linger Awhile. It's pretty light and fanciful and very weird. If what you didn't like about Riddley Walker is the weirdness, then you wouldn't like it. On the other hand, it's a quick read. It's about vampires and sex and like, making people in the style of Frankenstein. Written when he was a bit older and kind of seems to be written for his own entertainment. I liked it for what it's worth. Like Daniel Pinkwater for dirty adults.

Have you read the Frances books for kids? Masterpieces in my view.

I know you're looking for other novelists too but won't comment since I can't compare to Turtle Diary or Bat Tattoo
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Amaryllis Night and Day.
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