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How does one find a telecommuting job as a technical support engineer/similar in engineering and/or computer science?

Usually I'd go about job searching by finding companies that are located in a specific city I'd like to live in and continue from their website's careers page, but this doesn't seem applicable/slightly like a wild goose chase if the company could be in any city anywhere.

How do I figure out which companies I should be looking at?
Are there any job boards/lists/recruiters specifically for telecommuting/remote jobs?

I've found one job ad from a German company looking for technical support engineers located in the US (which is where I am) to work during Europe's evening/night so I know these jobs exist (or at least one does), but one application does not a job offer make.

Other info if relevant: Mid 20s and have an engineering degree with a comp. sci. minor from a US university and previous work experience that I can spin as being applicable.

Are there any resources, tips or ideas that I'm missing?

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I don't know how much they'd have for tech support roles, but We Work Remotely is worth checking out.
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Absolutely WWR as mentioned above. Github jobs, and absolutely pursue position that you'd want -- whether or not they are remote. You'll know pretty early on if employers consider location negotiable or not.
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Flex Jobs
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On Indeed, you can choose your location as remote, work from home, or home-based. I think you can do the same on Dice. Many major employment sites have either a remote or work from home option as the location. Also, you might research companies that have a large remote workforce in your field (Dell for example) and go directly to their career site.
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