Home made chipmunk traps?
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One of my cat's brought home a chipmunk yesterday afternoon. It is now hidden under some furniture that is too heavy to move. How do I get it out of the house without killing it?

I don't want my cats to eat it. The local hardware store is selling a chipmunk trap for $60. At that price I would rather let my cats eat the chipmunk (as long as it doesn't make them sick). What other solutions are there?

Obligatory picture of the cats. The one on the left is the hunter. She is always out of focus.
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You could try a Mice Cube...
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You can try to make a manual version of that mice cube out of a big glass jar or bucket and a cardboard tube or piece of pipe. The chipmunk is probably going to want to travel along what he sees as protected paths, like walls/edges of furniture, so line the entrance to your trap up with the most likely wall. You want to create a pathway that will appear safe to the chipmunk, like the cardboard tube or maybe a funnel made of paper, that leads to a container that can be closed (or if the tube is long enough, just tip the tube up and let gravity do the work). Now try to guide the chipmunk towards the trap by sliding a broom handle under the furniture towards him Once he runs into the tube or the bucket or whatever, tip it upright so he slides to the bottom and stick a lid on. Relocate him someplace that you think is a few blocks outside of your cat's normal hunting ground, to give him a head start!
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Can you just lock the cats in another room and scare him out the door with a broom?
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When I had baby raccoons in the house I was able to borrow live traps from the local SPCA. They charge a deposit to my CC (I think it was $30 but it was a long time ago so I don't really remember) and gave it back when I returned the trap.
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I was cat sitting for a cat before it got its kitty passport and was just reading the paper one day with the door open so the cat could look out. I noticed him dash out and then come back with a chipmunk in his mouth, which he proceeded to drop onto the paper. I thought it was dead until it jumped u-p and ran into a corner under a bookcase. All I did was to close the doors into the other rooms and tried to get the chipmunk out via any means possible. I was heavily into brewing at the time and had a big stack of bottles in their cases upside down in the corner. The chipmunk found its way into one of those cases, which I promptly flipped upright and put outside and opened it after shutting the cat in. The chipmunk raced out very fast and immediately ran into its burrow in the stone wall nearby.

So maybe put some darkish boxes with small holes in them and try and see if you can entice it into one of them?
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Chipmunks can be vicious. I've had a few run-in's in the past.
I would be more worried that the chipmunk would bite the cats, granted the cats will win the war, but one may loose a battle. I would also be worried that the chipmunk could destroy some furniture.

Most places has an animal control agent. Granted, I wouldn't tell them that you brought the thing in the house-I'd just let them get it out...they may charge you something, but I "want to believe" that the animal control agent is like the fire-department, or police...their pay comes from your taxes, and won't cost you out of pocket.
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I laid a trap which the chipmunk didn't fall for, but after a few days it gave up on hiding and was coaxed to exit into the backyard.
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