eShop option for a Wordpress site that can handle ~60 product downloads?
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I'm trying to set up a relatively easy to use eShop on my wordpress website. The tricky part is that my products are pretty complex. I have basically two things I offer: an app and a PDF, and each of those come in 28 possible variations. (They're language learning tools, so the particular app/PDF each person needs depends on which language they're learning and which language they speak natively). The OTHER tricky part is that the products aren't all ready yet, but due to the demand for pre-orders, I need to allow for preorders, as well, and then transition the products one-by-one to automatic downloads as I finish them. Any suggestions? I'm happy to pay for a solution, as long as it does its job well.
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I work a lot with WooCommerce. It's will handle this no problem. Some functions (pre-ordering) can be simplified by plugins or extensions.
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