Selling Clothing To Hotel/Resort Chain's ! Where Would I Go?
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I am developing a line of clothing that, besides selling publicly, I would like to sell to hotel and resort chains. They would take of my brand's label and use their own. As there doesn't seem to be any industry event that are clothing oriented, what industry events would I attend or where would I find buyers to make this happen.
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LA Fashion Week
Trade Show Calendar at Wholesale Central
There's lots of apparel industry events all over the world.
If you're going to be a wholesale manufacturer you might want to take a look at WWD and Apparel News.
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Is this something that you would market to hotels that they would then sell to their guests, or something that you would market to hotels for their employees to wear, or what? I'm not quite getting what your product is.
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It would be spa/beach wear with the companies logo on it. Like a bathrobes you would see at spa's
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Googling American Hotel & Lodging Association brings up lots of hits for conventions of the hospitality industry, your potential costumers. If you want to market to hotels etc., any of those should give you a point of entry, at least a place to find basic info on how to market to this group.
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