Do you have ideas for a low-budget bachelor party around LA in July?
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A group of 10 of us would like to celebrate a dear friend of ours before he gets married, and we're meeting in the Los Angeles area for a bachelor party. We're all students, or recently graduated, and so we're trying to limit the cost to $500. What are some affordable activities that we can do around the LA area that would be super fun? Are there any notable activities close to the coast (Malibu, Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach, etc)? Thank you for all the help!

A few more details on the party:

-It'll be held from 7pm on a Thursday night (in July) until 12pm the following day.
-The groom is OK with pretty much anything, except for strip clubs and the like.
-We'll head to a rented house to sleep a bit, and so suggestions for indoor activities would be GREAT.
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Is the $500 a limit for the entire group? This is just for activities or including food and alcohol?

What do you like to do together normally? Are you gamers or sporty or nerdish or what?

- rent bikes along the water/boardwalk and have food on the beach
- vintage video games
- good beer
- make pizzas

Really - we need a few more details in terms of what you (or the groom) likes to do, and if the budget is supposed to include food/alcohol or not.
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Response by poster: Haha, the skepticism on the budget is definitely deserved, but this group likes to pride itself in having fun for cheap. (Most of us are pretty broke, but we still want to throw an awesome bash for our friend.)

Specifically, I was wondering if you know of any fun/quirky spots or things to do in LA. Any under-the-radar places that one wouldn't hear about normally? Any cool activities? For example, we're from the Bay Area, and we rely a lot on to find cool but cheap stuff.

Food isn't an issue because we'll be bringing a grill with us and firing up some hot dogs, etc. Booze isn't an issue because we'll be bringing leftover handles from our homes. Transportation won't be an issue either.

Also, we're a pretty diverse group, and most of us would be down for something gamer-y, sporty, or nerdy.

All ideas are welcome! Thanks!
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Best answer: So really you guys need like one big outing, probably not a drinky thing.

I'm guessing this is going to be a weekend, which will rule out most tv show tapings. If you guys like comedy, we've got live shows and podcast recordings - check the schedules at UCB, Westside Comedy, Nerdmelt. Check Largo to see what's going on the night you're in town.

Restaurant Week is July 14-27, which would be a chance to have a fancy dinner for $35/head.

Alternately, you might look for a food truck night near the beach. I know there used to be one at Mother's Beach in Marina del Rey on maybe Thursdays, but it seems like all the schedules change in the summer.

Every outdoor summer movie in LA

84 LA attractions for tourists and natives alike

Gamehaus is fun, but it seems like you guys could buy a great boardgame and play back at your place for what it would cost all of you to get in.

It'll be hot everywhere except right along the water, where it will only be warm. Keep that in mind when planning outdoor daytime events.
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Best answer: A couple more interesting July events in case any of them fall on your travel dates.
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Paintball? Trapeze school? Go Karts?

(I can't vouch for any of these places... this is just what google tells me is there.)
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Okay, so that paintball place(also airsoft) that Flamingo linked is an especially rad paintball/airsoft park because of their themed fields. Like there are sets from Starship Troopers, Mad Max, and all sorts of other weird fantasy/sci fi ones. It's not particularly central to Los Angeles, but it really is pretty neat.
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One option might be to go camping at Leo Carrillo in Malibu. I believe you can camp on the beach if there's space or you can camp inland. But you could get there early evening...hang out, maybe hike a bit. Then have a bbq and just chill. I'm not sure if you can camp on Thursdays and you need to make reservations....sooner then later cause they fill up. I don't know a whole lot more but you can check it out at Hope this helps!
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Check out Point Break Live. It's Point Break, the play, with audience participation. It was really fun when I went.
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Best answer: It'll be held from 7pm on a Thursday night (in July)

The free Twilight Concert series on the Santa Monica Pier starts this Thursday (7/10) and contines every Thursday night for the summer.
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Response by poster: This has been SUPER helpful, thank you! Please keep the suggestions coming if you have any to add.
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Response by poster: So, just to report back:

We ended up going to Santa Monica, AirBnB'ing a place close to the pier, and checking out a free concert on the pier. Then we went to a great improv comedy show at Westside Comedy Theater, checked out a DJ set at Zanzibar briefly, played soccer on the beach at night, and then played video games 'til the morning. Fun times, thanks to all of your suggestions.
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