a nice activity/gift for a wedding skype?
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My friend is unable to attend a close friend's wedding, and the bride to be wants to skype with her on the morning of the wedding. Any suggestions for something nice to send/do for the bride that would be fun for the skype? I was thinking maybe they could have tea at the same time, but maybe other people have suggestions. (Wedding gift is already sent.)
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It might be really funny if your friend made a cardstock cut-out of a fancy dress + shoes sized to her phone/tablet/whatever she's skyping on and mailed it to the bride. Then she could get her hair and makeup all did just like she would if she were attending the wedding. During the skype, bride could affix the dress to the tablet and they could take some photos just like if she were actually there. Wedding of the future, man.
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I like the tea idea, it could be a calm moment for the bride, especially since she wants to find time for her friend on the day of the wedding. It might be fun to riff on the idea of something borrowed, something blue, that would be friendship related. Sharing friendship memories that involve a borrowed item, a blue item, something from the beginning of their friendship (old), and then the creation of a new memory by this skype.

On preview, I also like the cardstock idea of phunniemee, or even have your friend dress up for the skype as the "new."
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If she is sending a wedding present, it would be nice to open the present over Skype.
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Does either of them like crosswords or Sudoku or another game? Definitely tea or coffee-- maybe fancy pastries (sort of a nod to the wedding cake?) If either of them likes poetry or literature, there are a number of sweet and excellent poems/passages that would be good read out loud. So much is personality-dependent though: is she silly (wear a mask of Prince William from his wedding when Skyping), serious (soothing tea), nervous, Type A (might be frantic with checking all the vendors/plans)...

It's a great idea though-- I would have loved to have the chance to talk with friends who couldn't make it that morning.
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I love phunniemee's suggestion - so cute! I would consider putting someone who is not the bride in charge of setting up the skype connection if that's not something the bride does on her phone all the time. I would also plan for an activity that could be cut short or go as long as needed.
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