US Vacation Ideas for Travel With a Four Month Old?
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Hello! We are a family of three -- including a four month old daughter -- who currently are staying in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area. We usually try to take an abroad vacation over the summer, but because of boring visa issues, we're sticking to the US of A this summer. Now we need ideas for where to go! And we've never travelled extensively with an infant (though we're excited to try.)

Any ideas on where we should go? We're flexible. I don't like to drive, so it would be great if it were someplace we could go on train or get around on public transport, but that's not such a big deal overall. (We have a car, but frankly we don't think it's up for any long distance travel from NC.) And we're thinking of going for about a week. We like basically everything, but are thinking perhaps city breaks would be best with an infant?

Cheap is obviously better than not.

So, US travel with an infant for a fairly adventurous young family?

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Sorry, I should add that we've spent a lot of time in New York, Boston, and DC, so those are probably out.
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Four months is a great time to be traveling with an infant- much easier before they are mobile.

We took a family trip to Seattle two years ago without ever getting in a car- the light rail to the airport worked great for us, and staying in the Lake Union area meant everything was easily accessible on transit.

The same is certainly true for San Francisco, but likely more expensive.
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Portland, Oregon would be a great choice as well -- good city stuff, good food, very transit-oriented. Plus if you wanted to rent a car for a day trip or two, you can get to the beautifully rugged coast in about 1.5-2 hours, and to Mt Hood in less.

Plus, summer in the Pacific Northwest is usually quite perfect -- warm but not hot days, and very little humidity.
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Something to consider: our daughter is nearly 6months and has gotten noticeably fussier and more opinionated about most things. I assume this will continue to increase as she becomes more aware of the world around her. I vote that you make this holiday one where you take advantage of the fact that while a 4mo is demanding, they are also (ime) relatively happy to sit still while you go to a gallery, winery, restaurant etc. So do things that you may not be able to do in a year when your little one is running or crawling about. Also:solids= huge pita for heading out for the day compared to milk, at least thus far. So enjoy!
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How about Charleston and/or Savannah. You can get there easily by train from Raleigh, they're both walkable, and both are full of interesting things to see and do.
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Go West in your own state. Hit the zoo in Asheboro on the way to Asheville and camp here:
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You live in North Carolina, we have it all!

Wilmington or Asheville is where I would start if I were you.
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