I need to find the best barber in the Boulder, CO area
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I've just moved to Boulder from NYC and I'm looking for an experienced, no-frills men's barber that can handle a classic tapered haircut. I have had great Russian barbers in NYC but this is CO, and I can't find much. Looking for a barber that can handle an all scissors cut and one that is relegated to guard clippers. I'm willing to travel to a nearby area but would prefer not having to make the trip to Denver.
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Response by poster: I meant to say a barber that is excellent at an all scissors cut and NOT one relegated to only using clippers and doing buzz cuts/fades, etc.
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I got a few haircuts in Boulder up in the hill, frustrated with the "clipper guard" treatment before finding Roger the barber. Basement level shop on pearl. Great barber. Good with scissors.

Since moving from Boulder to Fort Collins I've gotten my haircut at Scissors and Sinners, which is good, but not worth the drive if you've got Roger in your backyard.
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Response by poster: I've been on his website. Have to schedule an appointment in advance and it's difficult with work. Also $35! Could get a Hollywood caliber cut for $20 in NY! Will try him out if I can though.

Any good barber shops around?
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Coal Creek Barbers is kinda far but might meet your requirements. I go there and it's about $15.
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A decade ago there was a large Russian population moving into the Federal area. Is this no longer the case?
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Response by poster: Just wanted to say that I got cut by Roger and he was fantastic - one of the best haircuts I've ever had.
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