Best Vehicle for Distributing Interviews
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I conduct interviews and want the best distribution for them. They are occasionally broadcast on KBOO in Portland. I also have access to the Public Radio Exchange as well as Pacifica's "audioport". With those, I can offer these interviews for rebroadcast through affiliated radio stations throughout the country.

Are these terrestrial outlets sufficient, or should I consider a podcast distribution network too? Do they exist? I also keep them all of my interviews on a Soundcloud account and a website. And they are also on a KBOO podcast. But it's a lot of work to update all of these sources. Is over-air better than online for getting them to the largest number of people?
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Podcast will likely reach a different, younger demographic. Also consider self-marketing the podcast on other peoples' blogs.
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Purely anecdotal, but it's come up repeatedly among the (young, middle-class, public-radio-supporting) social circles I run in that nobody ever listens to the radio except maybe in a car. Consuming public radio content is more or less synonymous with podcasts, not terrestrial broadcasting. Speaking only for myself, I can't even remember the last time I listened to anything long-form via broadcast, as opposed to a podcast downloaded to my phone.
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