Name that Bug, Cameroonian Edition
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Found a rather strange insect while doing night work in the forest at Mbam et Djerem National Park, Cameroon. Neither I nor anybody on my field team can even assign them to order. Does anybody out there in the Hive Mind know what this is?

Further description: snow white, about a centimeter long, very fluffy. Accompanied by about ten others of the same species which all seemed to be just sort of aimlessly ambling and bouncing about all in the same spot (rather than working together like ants or termites). My field guide said that he sees them quite often, but was unable to give them a name. I myself haven't the foggiest idea. It's a mystery!
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Best answer: Flatid bug nymph?
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My first guess was some kind of wooly aphid but I think Ruki's got it.
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Something related to an ensign coccid, maybe?
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Response by poster: Ruki has it for sure. Thanks! I figured it was likely some kind of nymph due to the lack of wings, but after that I was pretty lost. The mouthparts should've given it away. Thanks!
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