Ready-made pop songbook, where are you?
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We are going to have a big campfire singalong next weekend with a group of very awesome musicians. We want to have a few songbooks available so everyone can play and sing along. Our vibe is 70s/80s/90s pop tunes. Surely someone has made a songbook of these songs and posted them on the internet. Can you please help us find it? Our google searches have turned up nothing pre-made. We know about Rise Up Singing, not really our jam (plus not freely downloadable, which we would prefer.) Thank you for your help!

We have found sites like this where you can print out songs one at a time. We will do this. If we have to. But what would be awesome is just to be able to print them all out together, in one file. This must exist, right?
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Maybe one of these fake books?
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When my friends decided to start holding regular hootenannies, folks ultimately had to assemble what they wanted from scratch. It was a Google doc generated from a list of submitted songs printed out and put into binders.
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Have you just done an amazon search? Not downloadable, but these kinds of collections are a stock in trade of the sheet music industry.
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Response by poster: Okay, i guess the legal thing explains why there's not more of these things out there. *sigh*. thanks for the other suggestions, we will just make one from scratch.
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Huh? It's not free or THAT cheap, but there are giant spiral bound real/fake books readily available, that contain, say, 500 popular songs from the past twenty years. Go to a used book store and look in the music section and buy several copies of the same one.

Also, you could probably Google something like "real book pdf", and see what happens.
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