What is this plant? PacNW, Gigantic
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This plant lives near me and has returned for several summers. The photo was taken about three weeks ago - the blossom is now gone. The blossom was about a foot long - I joked that it was a Venus Flytrap for people. What is it?!?
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Amorphophallus konjac. Commonly known as the Voodoo Lily. Not carnivorous, but like it's much bigger relative, it uses the scent of rotting meat to attract flies and meat eating beetles as pollinators.
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Looks like an arum lily. I've never seen them in the PacNW, but saw them all over the Greek islands in spring. Here's some very large ones.
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Actually, I take my first ID back. Looking closer at the leaves, it's a Dracunculus vulgaris.
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Wow! I've never gotten too close to it so I can't testify as to smell. I wonder how it got there.
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My horticulturist friend posted something similar to her Facebook page and called it Amorphophallus as well. I took photos of these out at Egdefield in Troutdale, Oregon, since they were so mysterious. Looks like there's a number of different varieties of this cool plant.
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They aren't natives but are well suited to PNW climate. A few other sightings 1, 2. Second link explains how the plant spreads.
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My neighbor here in PNW has one in her garden, huge and healthy; Voodoo lily, yep!
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