Is there a 3G/4G wireless router that takes multiple SIM cards/dongles?
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I'm based in the UK and will be spending a week somewhere that has no broadband. The reception on most networks seems to be changeable though it's strongest on Vodafone. Is there a 3G/4G wireless router that can take multiple SIM cards or dongles so that I can connect together more than one network and thus maximise my chances of getting connectivity?
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I've never used these, but they seem to fit the bill:

Peplink Balance

(Changed to Amazon link so MeFi gets a vig)
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Best answer: This and two of these, Seeing as how you wanted auto-switching between the two available connections.

Every other solution my brain farted up involved manually switching between the modems, which is crappy.

If you need wireless, add a super cheap wireless AP. You don't need a full wireless router, DHCP and all that can be handled by the load balancing router.

It's all TP link stuff because those were the cheapest units i could find with the right features. I've played around with their hardware in person before. It's OK, but they skimp on the build quality. Take the antennas off very carefully before you pack the stuff up, is what i'm getting at. They will utterly fall apart if abused or if any extraneous bits and bobs are torqued even a mild amount.
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Response by poster: Amazing stuff - thanks.

Is there any solution that allows me to "team" connections simultaneously rather than auto-switch between them?
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Best answer: That router I linked will do that :P
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