Looking for a dinette where Alex and his droogs might have breakfast.
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The previous owners of our house had an amazing Euro modern kitchen set. Help me replace it or find something similar.

Here is a photo of the set in question. It is a German essgruppe from Silaxx design ca. 2000. The model does not seem to be (or have ever been) for sale in the US. I am really drawn to the curved bench and general Clockwork Orange vibe. Any leads?
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I'd search Craigslist with that name. Someone might have it.
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Best answer: You can maybe order it in. We found our dream dining table in Oslo just as we were leaving Norway for the USA. A retailer in Houston was able to order it in for us from Fritz Hansen direct (since that design wasn't slated to come to the US). Took about 3 months and worked out the same price as it was in Norway.
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Best answer: Where are you? I'm almost certain I saw that curved banquette at a Dania Furniture outside Chicago. In any case, contact Bavarian Furniture which distributes both Silaxx and Himolla which on that page shows some curved banquettes (that's the term of art, but Silaxx calls them dining benches).

I think you should also look for commercial sources. There was a curved turquoise banquette, for example, at the Springhill Suites where I stayed last night and there was an orange one at a Kimpton property in Chicago where I stayed recently.
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Response by poster: Ooo, good find, Carmicha.
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