Twitter timeline not updating
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For about 4 or 5 days my Twitter timeline (on the twitter website) has not been updating with new tweets. Previously it would show a message at the top indicating "X new tweets". I've tried tweeting Twitter support but got no reply. Is this a bug or a sitewide change?
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This happened to me occasionally under the "Home" tab.
I knew folks were updating, but Twitter just wasn't catching the updates for some reason.
I also went out and followed more people who updated more frequently and this has helped knock Twitter out of its stupor.
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Just to try the obvious:

Have you logged out, then in again?
Is this true on all platforms? (Web, phone, etc.)
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Not a site change I'm aware of, and I just got the expected update testing it now. First thing I'd try is seeing if the problem still occurs in a clean browser with no cache and no extensions. In Chrome that's an incognito window: log in, and test there. If this bug happened to me I'd blame one of my filtering extensions like AdBlock or Ghostery.
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Also: Is it one browser in particular? Do you have this problem with other browsers?
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Check other browsers/other computers. Try maybe clearing your cache and Twitter cookies if it only happens on one computer. But for a long time, I had an issue where my notifications were stuck on saying I had 1 new notification, no matter where I signed in from. It was some sort of error in Twitter's end. I don't remember how it went away -- I think it may have coincided with me changing my username. Maybe you could change your username and then change it back. I would definitely try clearing your cache and cookies first. You could also consider just using TweetDeck instead. If you don't want to download it, there is a web version of TweetDeck:
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Response by poster: Things I've tried so far: logging in/out, Chrome incognito window, Firefox, and Internet explorer, all with no success. I don't have another computer handy but will try that sometime. Also will look into Tweetdeck.
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Response by poster: Well the issue seems to have spontaneously resolved itself... ok then?
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