I'm looking for a romance novel I read in the mid-nineties
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I am looking for a romance novel from around 1993. I know that romance novels are a dime a dozen but I am hoping that, somewhere in the hive mind, there is someone who loves trashy books with a better memory than me. Here are the major plot points:

A woman comes back to her family country home after a failed engagement in, I think, 1860's England. While there, she has heated conversations with the gardener who is secretly a union activist in the local coal mines that the woman's family owns. So, there are scenes about coal miner riots. There are also scenes about how she is seduced by a pooka, the gardener sneaking into her room at night (give me a break, it's trashy romance). I also remember her ordering a lot of new dresses. Ugh, I have been looking for this book for a very long time and nothing. I am not expecting any returns but I wanted one last try before I give up on this forever.
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Best answer: I don't know if you know about this already, but in case you don't - if no one here can figure it out for you, you can always send your question to Smart Bitches, Trashy Books - they do a regular feature on their blog called Help A Bitch Out (HaBO) where readers send in descriptions of romances they've read where they've forgotten the title/author, and the site owners turn the questions over to their readership to sleuth out (rabid romance fans who have READ ALL THE BOOKS).
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Neither of these look spot on, but they both having coal mining and unions:
The Unquiet Earth, Denise Giardina (1992)?
Thunder and Roses, Mary Jo Putney (1993)?
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The last person we sent over to HaBO got her book identified in, I think, two comments. They're amazing over there.
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*waves hand, jumps up and down**
Oh! Oh! That was me!

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books is the GREATEST! They must have one hella readership, because they identified the strange book my daughter asked about within days. One of the moderators wrote to follow up with my inquiry and make sure it was the right book. (The plot was so weird--I certainly hope there wasn't another like it!)

Great resource Post your question over there and tell 'em BlueHorse sent you. :)
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Response by poster: Moon Shadow by Laura Parker. OMG, you guys. SBTB is amazing, just amazing. They had my book within 14 comments. I never thought I would get to read this book again. I am so excited!
Here are those smart bitches doing their thing.
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