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Can you recommend some good blogs with a Buddhist perspective?

I'm 30-something, female, American, feminist, liberal -- I guess I'm the stereotype of an American interested in Buddhism. And I'm interested in Buddhism. I would love to be able to encounter more writings by Buddhists. I don't mean specifically writings about Buddhism -- I've already read some histories and what-not, and I've got a long reading list ahead of me on the subject, too. I'm interested in writings about a whole host of different topics, just written from a Buddhist perspective: movie reviews, analyses of current events, stuff like that. There must be a lot of blogs out there that do just that -- and I figured some Mefites have got to know some great ones.

Let me say, I know that asking for "Buddhist perspectives" is really broad. There are so many different kinds of Buddhism, etc. I'm afraid I don't know enough to narrow down what I'm looking for any more. I would definitely benefit from blogs that are newbie-friendly. What I really am hoping for are regularly-updated sites I can add to my RSS feeder that will offer me the opportunity to interact more with Buddhist thought and that will leave me with a greater understanding of Buddhism. (That's not a small charge, I know!)

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You might like Wise Attention, which is more about Buddhism than "Buddhist perspective", but it does go into current events regularly.
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zenhabits.net. Just a suggestion. Works well in my newsreader. And even so he wasn't a Buddhist, afaik, this talks about kindness and is a favorite of mine. All the best to you on your quest.
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Not a just a blog, but it's a magazine too, Tricycle.
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Open to podcasts? Contemporary Buddhism at http://www.buddhistgeeks.com/category/podcast/.

There's 300+ of these and still going strong. Really smart, varied stuff, with a different meditation teacher, journalist, scholar, etc., etc., in each one.
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I love Buddhism Now. They also have an active Twitter feed, which is always full of encouragement.
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A contrarian perspective: Speculative Non-Buddhism.
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Hardcore Zen.
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Tiny Buddha
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Seconding Tiny Buddha. I love getting the daily emails and they really have added to & improved my perspective on life
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The Mahablog is written by Barbara O'Brien, who is also the guide for about.buddhism.com. Her blog is mostly about politics, current events and religion from a politically liberal, Buddhist perspective.
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Thanks! These all look really great.

Podcasts don't work well for me, which is pretty unfortunate, because there look to be a ton of great podcasts about Buddhism out there.
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Truthless Truth: a mix of Buddhist and eastern philosophical perspectives.
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The Buddha in Your Mirror: Practical Buddhism and the Search for Self, by Woody Hochswender. It's a perspective based on the Lotus Sutra and chanting the phrase "Nam-myoho-renge-kyo."

Sorry, I know it's not a blog. But an inspiring and encouraging read nonetheless.
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