Dancing and drinking in Montreal
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My boyfriend and I will be in Montreal for a long weekend June 25 through June 28, and we're looking for non-pretentious, mixed-crowd bars and clubs with good electronic music or hip hop. This should be easy, no?

This will be my second time on Montreal. Last time I visited, I went to some amazing dance clubs with fabulous DJs and didn't have to worry too much about dress code, rude door guys, or long line-ups. But I don't remember where I went!

The dude and I live in NYC, but we don't want to put up with club BS. We just want to go somewhere we can dance our asses off without having to worry too much about the kind of shoes we're wearing (we're far from slobs, though). We could use some bar recommendations, too. I don't need the bars to be divey (although those are fine), just a good craft beer selection or some interesting cocktails and a fun, low-key vibe. Think Weather Up or The Drink in Brooklyn. We lean quirky, if that helps. Also, we'll be staying in Little Italy and are comfortable with walking and public transit.
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Did you mean July?
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Yes! Sorry about that.
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Is big ok? Sky in the gay village has several floors with different nooks and crannies and a great view from the rooftop terrace.
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For a low-key pub vibe, try Grumpy's. Dance clubs I don't know too much about because it's not really my thing.

I have been to Club 737, which has a really cool rooftop bar and dancefloor, I can't promise it's free from douchebaggery though.

For live music, try Sala Rossa, Le Cagibi or Casa del Popolo-- all three are on the same block on Boulevard St Laurent.
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Salon Daome's great if you're into house music, and if you're staying into the afternoon/evening on the 28th, you should also check out Piknic Electronik.
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Notre Dame des Quilles on Beaubien

Alexandraplatz in Mile Ex

Le Pourvoyeur on Jean-Talon and also facing the market – food and gin downstairs, dancing upstairs.

All within easy walking distance of anywhere in Little Italy.
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I am into different music than you, but I can be helpful with places for drinking. you'll likely be very close to Vices et Versa, which is probably one of the best places in the city for artisanal beer, and a bit further away but still pretty close is Dieu du Ciel.

and I'd also second Alexandraplatz and Notre Dame des Quilles for drinking and Piknik Electronik for dancing.
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