Stay hungry, okay, David, but "here's my shoulder blade"?
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I'm trying to put together a motivational playlist about keeping your edge and staying intense and focused, preferably with an edgy, angular sound. The best I can come up with are Talking Heads' "Stay Hungry" (which has somewhat oblique lyrics) and Spoon's "They Never Got You." Any more ideas?
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Cake - The Distance
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The Animals, We Gotta Get Out of this Place (YouTube link).

Talking Heads, Life During Wartime? The lyrics are certainly intense.

Lily Allen's The Fear works on a surface read, although the actual meaning doesn't match. (YouTube link.)
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LCD Soundsystem - Losing My Edge
Fischerspooner - The Best Revenge
The Knife - Like A Pen
Metric - Synthetica
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Material & Nona Hendryx -- Busting Out
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Jay-Z My 1st Song
Eminem Lose Yourself
Gang Starr Work
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Oh yeah, Nicki Minaj, e.g., Roman's Revenge (though I can't stand Eminem's part in that song).
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Why is "Eye of the Tiger" not already on this list? The list should be *called* "Eye of the Tiger".
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Sebastian - Walkman.

Instrumental, but (IMO) it is quite literally the sound of edgy focus.
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Genesis, The Knife
Jasper McVain, Revv Me Up
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Janelle Monae - Cold War
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Does it have to be focus towards a good or healthy goal? Because Jaggery's - 7 Stone is all about uncomfortable hyperfocus, from the point of someone with anorexia.
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Jon Spenser Blues Explosion "Flavor" (note that the CD version has a different second half to the track, with not as much of the breakdown groove by Beck that's in the video)

I give that song a lot of credit for rallying my brain while studying for my comprehensive exams in college.
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Bjork, Hunter
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The Mountain Goats, This Year
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Discipline by Joe Jackson, Spotify link because I can't find it on youtube.
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"Marathon", by Rush
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If you listen to them with an unironic ear, both Big Time by Peter Gabriel and in a very different vein Rob Zombie's Dragula both hit the "I'm better than the world by the force of my will" vibe.
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Out of Mind, Out of Sight by Models, mostly for the chorus ("Out of mind, out of sight / Gotta keep my body tight!")
Go Motherfucker Go by Nashville Pussy
Garbageman by the Cramps. ("You ain't no punk, you PUNK!")
Bellbottoms by JSBE (they make me wanna dance!)
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Cage the Elephant's ain't not rest for the wicked features a chorus that fits, but the main stanzas have a somewhat different point.

Led Zepplin's No Quarter could perhaps fit the bill, if you're not focused on Beats Per Minute.
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