Travelling from Oslo to Paris--what shouldn't we miss?
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Mrs. Hanoixan and I will be taking a trip from Oslo to Paris over a couple of weeks in August. We're already planning on seeing the Sognefjord, and tooling around the French countryside. There's a ton in the middle. What route would you suggest (we'll be taking trains where we can)? We like the road less travelled and beautiful places.
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Best answer: This really depends on how much time/ money you have and also your preferences, because there are TONS of beautiful places between Olso and Paris!

You could travel from Oslo - Göteborg - Copenhagen (if you like Oslo, you're also going to like Copenhagen) and from Copenhagen trough the Denmark isles of Falster and/or Lolland. These isles are the least touristy places in Denmark I've been to and altough there's not a lot to do, if you like nature/ the sea/ incredible peaceful places/ apples it can be worth going there. Trhough Nykobing you can take the train/ boat (the train actually boards the ferry) to Rostock. I don't know Rostock as a city very well, but the German side of the Baltic coast is beautiful, especially Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park. From there you can travel to Hamburg (also great!) an from there trough Germany or through the Netherlands/ Belgium (the dutch/ belgian coast is also beautiful) to Paris. (Really, there are a thousand places/ routes I could think of now!)

If you're planning to visit the Netherlands and/or Belgium and looking for beautiful and less-touristy places (aka not Amsterdam), I can recommend Rotterdam (especially if you like modern architecture) and Ghent. Rotterdam - Antwerp (also a great place) - Ghent - Paris are all easily accessible via the same train route. Personally I find that between Ghent and Paris there is not much to see, unless you like heavy industry and loads of concrete, although I would reccommend Parc Jean-Jacques Rousseau in Ermenonville.

Oh and also, when you're in Olso, visit the Vigeland park, it's really impressive and has great atmosphere.

This sounds like a great trip! I could go on and on forever with travel recommendations, but this also really depends on your personal preferences.

Edit: Maybe if you state some more specific preferences, I can give some more specific advise!
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