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What is the song of a lady singing the Jackson 5 song ABC acoustic on Pandora? I can't seem to find it. Thanks.
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Is it Ariana Grande? That's what comes up when I google "Jackson 5 ABC cover"
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Might be Janelle Monae, she did an amazing cover at the Hollywood Bowl earlier this month.
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In case it might be another J5 song, it also could be KT Tunstall's "I Want You Back" cover.
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The Ariana Grande and the Janelle Monae versions are great, but are more in the style of the original version. The term "acoustic" suggests, to me at least, an "unplugged" version, an alternate take. KT Tunstall's is also great, and more "unplugged". I'm going to guess another cover of I Want You Back by Lake Street Dive, whose lead singer is Rachael Price.
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Another Jackson 5 cover that seems to come up on Pandora for a LOT of people is Colbie Caillat's I Want You Back cover.

Could that be what you're thinking of?
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