Looking for some good belly dancing music
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I'm looking for some good music for belly dancing. Essentially, I'd like to find some basic beats that I can practice to. Bonus points if you can provide links to recordings, or links to places where I can buy recordings.

I've been playing doumbek/darbuka for a long time, and have recently become interested in playing for belly dancers. I'd like to get some music that I can listen to on my headphones while I play my drum, so that I can become accustomed to the beats.

Any track, artist, or album suggestions are welcome.
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I took a belly dance class a while back and my teacher played some Rachid Taha. Here is Ya Rayah. There was another track she played a lot, which I forget the name of, so go through his songs on YT and see what strikes your fancy.
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This video has English lyrics etc... but the singer is Turkish, and her music is beautiful. The original video had belly dancing in it and it was glorious. Maybe that's something you can use?
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Beats Antique is well known for typifying the American Gothic/Tribal Fusion style. (Zoe Keating, their frontwoman, is I think a pretty well-known bellydancer.)
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This is good practice music. I use it a lot.

This is more traditional Egyptian music, also really awesome.

I also second Beats Antique as they have a lot good stuff!
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Beats Antique is good tribal dancer music, but typically, I'd guess you're aiming for more of a traditional type performance. Mary Ellen Donald has done the background drum stuff for some of the Cheeky Girls DVDs that I like: http://www.maryellendonald.com/CDs&BooksAvailableforPurchase.htm

Suhaila Salimpour (http://www.amazon.com/s?ie=UTF8&field-keywords=Suhaila%20Salimpour&ref=dp_dvd_bl_act&search-alias=dvd) might have some music out, but I'm not sure about that.

Here's 2 interesting looking CDs on Amazon that have just drum tracks that you could practice with:

And this is a super good CD that I own that is also helpful if you're interested in picking up finger cymbals too (or wonder how a dancer might fit them in with your percussion): http://www.amazon.com/Zill-Speak-Play-Finger-Cymbals/dp/B002LNWN8G/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1404434675&sr=8-1&keywords=zill+speak

Two other artists that might be nice to look up are Tarkan and Hakim. Also, if you look around Bhuz.com, you'll get a feel for what dancers are listening to these days. :)
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Arabic Groove is a fun mix that I used to hula hoop to, at least. It's got Natacha Atlas, who is great.
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