What are the best products at Sam's Club?
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My family has a Sam's Club membership. What are the best products to buy there? I like their bulk coffee, nuts, and much of their produce. My mother-in-law likes their optical shop and tires. Do you have any other specific recommendations?

This is basically the Sam's Club version of this question about Costco.

Before you ask: unfortunately, I don't have a Costco near me. From what I have heard and read it seems that Costco is by all accounts the better company, particularly in terms of how it treats its employees and the quality of products offered. I certainly wish Costco were an option for us. We have the Sam's Club membership because my mother-in-law lives close to a Sam's Club and buys envelopes in bulk for her mail-order business there, and we were able to piggyback on her membership for no additional cost.
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Our must haves
Trail Mix
Frozen Asian Veg mix
POM toilet paper. Not everyone in the US's cup of tea as you guys seem to like the super soft stuff, but I like to get recycled paper toilet paper and this is one of the few brands I have found in the US of good quality/price & recycled paper. If you like the fancy super soft brands they can work out cheaper if you are not a coupon style shopper too.
Feminine hygiene products so much cheaper, unless you are super couponer.
Body washes & Shampoos. We used the brands they stock so it works out for us.
Allergy tablets, we get generic Allegra there, so much cheaper.
We used to get Generic Mucus Aid there but our store stopped stocking it so I get the Costco brand via Amazon now.
It's really good if you take vitamins or supplements.
Avocados. I live in the Midwest and it's the only place I can get Avocados that aren't all black and gross under the skin.
Brown Onions.
I get Chicken Breasts & thighs there but I am lucky our local Meijers supermarkets meat seems to be pretty much similar quality, except for the chicken, and the price is better if I shop the sales.
Bulk mini packs of chips for lunch boxes work out so much cheaper.
Bacon. oh my goodness their thick cut bacon.

Fruit is pretty hit or miss for me as we have a pretty good farmers market, also there is only 2 of us and bulk fruit is hard to eat.

Wrapping paper & seasonal decorations. Good quality stuff and good prices.

Cleaning supplies if you don't mind bulk, their floor cleaner for mopping is fantastic. Good prices on laundry liquids etc too.

The trick with these stores is to stick to a list, otherwise you will get to the check out and go wait did we just buy a swimming pool, 3 shirts & a huge box of chocolate. . .which may have happened to us last visit when we just went in for loo paper.
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They have some pretty good quality dog beds there that are a great deal when they're on sale, if that's relevant to your interests.
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Olive oil, coffee, liquid laundry detergent, fresh salmon, salad dressing.
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We get contact solution there. Back when we used Claritin D, the pricing on it (and the generic) was far better.

Prescriptions can be cheaper there.

We typically go there for bulk dasani bottled water, Folgers K-cups for my grandmother, breakfast biscuits, coke zero (cans). I do buy both liquid laundry detergent and dishwasher tablets either there or Costco. When we ate a lot of chicken, I would buy the frozen chicken breasts there.

If we're doing salad, I'll get the big bags there - they are often the same price or cheaper as a bag of salad at the grocery store, but there's a lot more in it.

I also buy bulk toilet paper, paper towels, and trash bags there.
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bacon, ground beef, chicken, cheese (not as good as Costco for cheese unfortunately), nuts, coffee
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I shop at Sam's.

Things I like to buy from Sam's:

-store brand garbage bags are great.
-jumbo sized Windex and Dawn dishwashing liquid
-bottled water
-bakery sandwich rolls, the oval shaped ones. Really great if you are having a party and need lots of rolls for sandwiches
-shampoo, conditioner
-I buy boogie boards, beach towels, and beach umbrellas from Sam's.
-frozen fruit, frozen veggies
-magazines, paperbacks, best sellers
-ham, turkey and cheese for sandwiches
-sometimes Sam's can have really beautiful cut flowers. Lately the selection has been so-so

Their trail mx (Mountain Mix) is delicious but I can eat the entire bag if left to my own devices so I don't buy it.
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Olive oil, canola oil, cheddar cheese, bisquik, tortilla chips, canned green beans, pepper, taco seasoning, ready made pizzas, organic spinach, ground beef, milk, canned peaches.
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