Who should I go to for an iPhone provider in Germany?
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I'm about to move to Germany for one year. I have my own iPhone. Who should I go to for cellular service?

I probably want the same thing as everyone else in a phone plan: cheap/free texting, calls, lots of data. I probably don't need to explain that. However, I don't really know the different providers there, nor what they offer, nor who gives the best service.

I'm fine with taking a contract, if that's required. However, it can only be for a year since I'm (> 99% probability) moving back to North America after that time.

So... options? Plusses/minuses?
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There's a number of resellers that bundle unlimited calls/minutes: Deutschland Sim is one of them - until sunday they have an offer for unlimited calls, 1 GB of data and unlimited texts @ 14,95€/month that you can cancel every month. It is on the O2 network (which is a little less reliable than Vodafone/T-mobile but you'd mostly notice the difference on the train (not in a city of any size..).

Otelo is the low cost provider of Vodafone. Congstar by the Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile).

Here's a comparison tool that might work with google translate.
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I use Blau.de, pretty cheap, good coverage, have yet to run out of my data. I just can't remember how much I actually pay for it all. I do remember picking it though because it was one of the cheapest and had good rates for calling back to the US.
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