Vegan friendly chow near YVR?
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Lower Mainland MeFites: I'm looking for a place to have dinner with my brother tonight somewhere between the Tsawassen ferry terminal and YVR. Neither of us are from the area. What are your favourite Richmond-area eating spots? Difficulty factor: I'm vegan and gf; he is a dedicated carnivore.

I'm taking the ferry to the mainland and have a few hours to eat before catching a red-eye from YVR. Other than the vegan/gf thing, we like pretty much anything and are pretty adventurous food-wise, and are especially fond of Thai, Vietnamese, Korean, and Indian. A nice-ish sit-down place would be better than a fast food/food truck option, but we're open to suggestions of the latter if they are otherwise awesome. I'm OK with places that don't specifically cater to my dietary restrictions, so long as they are willing to make some substitutions in dishes (so things prepared fresh is important). I'm not celiac (gf is a choice not a necessity for me), so having a completely celiac-friendly kitchen is not a requirement. Brother would definitely prefer places that are not specifically vegan (though he'll buckle down and forgo the meat if the food is genuinely good). Budget is definitely in the middle range (i.e. most entrees under $20). We're driving, so can get pretty much anywhere, but would like to stay in the general vicinity of YVR.
Feed me, please, MeFi!
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Sun Sui Wah has a Richmond location. Excellent, high end Chinese food. Other highly-rated restaurants in the right column, which I have not tried.
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You want 4 Stones Vegetarian in Richmond. Their website is not awesome so I've linked to the Yelp page instead.

I like their eggplant dishes, the mapo tofu, the spicy veggie chicken, the veggie sweet and sour pork, the lettuce wraps. It's all tasty.

The free parking spaces are very limited but there is pay street parking. It's about two blocks from Richmond Centre so you could kill time there too.
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Went to 4 Stones. It was EXACTLY what we wanted.
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