Need personal injury lawyer recommendation in Northern Virginia
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My mother was recently in a car crash near her hone in Northern Virginia. The other driver was at fault and the insurance companies were sorting it out. She was diagnosed with whiplash at the ER soon after and spenfew days immobile from pain. After recuperating, she went on holiday to Europe While there, she was diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism that doctors believe may stem from the crash. A. Am I correct in believing we need to lawyer up? B. If so, are there recommendations for an attorney in Northern Virginia who could take this case on?
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You might call the Lawyer Referral Service for the Virginia State Bar.
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A. Yes, you should lawyer up.
B. I'd suggest that anyone with specific lawyer recommendations might MeFi Mail whitewall. Otherwise this gets messy and advertisey.

P.S. Be prepared for a world of hurt concerning air travel as an alternate cause. I'm sorry you and she are going through this.
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Call Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen. Seriously. We used them when my wife was injured in an accident and they were wonderful to work with.
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