Azores real estate, transfer of title, etc.
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Hi. A friend of mine is the sole trustee to a trust that is soon to expire. The trust owns a small house on the Azores, and she needs help in either transferring title to her siblings or simply selling the thing. Are there any real estate attorneys who are familiar with this part of the globe? She speaks fluent Portuguese, but is dreading the "male dominated" red tape merchants on the islands. Any help or referrals would be greatly appreciated.

Also any reliable sources that could determine the property's worth would be most welcome. She said something about never paying real estate taxes. Could that possibly be true? Thanks again.
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You should break it to your friend that most aspects of life are "male-dominated". She needs to get a good Portuguese lawyer that she trusts, without regard for gender.

Is super patronizing and defensive, and part of why there are situations where women feel like they don't get taken seriously. There are certainly situations where men get taken more seriously than women, and recognizing that reality isn't her fault.
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