Is there something like the Studio App but for desktop/online?
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I need to make some signs and hang tags for products and I'd like some more modern looking templates as a jumping off point because I am not talented enough to start from scratch on my own.

I've used just Microsoft Publisher in the past for basic stuff which has been nice but I'd like to up my game a bit for cute signs for my displays and product tags. I'm talking about the trendy things you see in design nowadays with different fonts and sizes to emphasize and sideways text.

I really like the Studio App on my phone but trying to experiment with a few different designs, etc on my phone is kind of a pain. Plus I think I can only get squares and I need rectangles.

I also don't have a lot of experience with photoshop or any experience with indesign if either of those are the way to go, again why I was hoping for templates where I can use the fonts and move things around a bit. If there are templates for one of those though that you would recommend I'm happy to take that as well.

I don't mind spending money on a good program for this but would prefer a more "for dummies" type product than "use photoshop and make your own" as I do not have the skills/creativity/eye of an actual graphic designer. Yes, I should just pay my graphic designer to do this but she just had a baby and I'd love to get a little more experience in doing this myself.

Let's assume I know this is super trendy and I would do better to cultivate my own brand, etc. This trendy stuff fits in my current branding I just want to be able to make up quick signs that are more polished than I have now.
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You can get a trial version of Photoshop Elements which is popular as entry-level graphics layout and has a TON of tutorials online - basically google "photoshop elements tutorial" + "hang tag" or whatever project and you'll get good visual guides. InDesign is wonderful but has a steeper learning curve. It's also really easy to get great templates free or paid. I was very pleased with what I bought for my own use at Lily Pad.

If you're on a Mac, Apple's Pages is actually pretty decent for medium layout.
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I was going to say Photoshop Elements as well... with templates and stuff so you're not starting from scratch! Pugly Pixel has good video tutorials and a variety of free and affordable templates and graphics to use.

You could also try searching for templates on pinterest... lots there, too.
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