Looking for a mail app for iOS that satisfies my SPECIAL SNOWFLAKES
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Looking for an iOS e-mail app that does what I want it to do.

It must:

1. allow me to attach a file directly from the e-mail message, rather than having to go to dropbox/file manager and hit the buttons to send the file. (Most e-mail apps allow you to do this with pictures, but not with files).

2. Allow me to save drafts. (WTF, Mailbox?)

3. Allow me to search for specific messages and then perform a mass action on these messages (most apps let you search, but then you can't pick multiple messages to delete - you have to do each one separately).

4. Be free, or super super cheap.

I've tried Gmail, Boxer, myMail and CloudMagic and none of them have what I'm looking for.
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Dispatch? Not used it but it's what most my mail power user friends use
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I'm not sure your #1 is actually possible on iOS. Apps have direct access to the photo roll, which is why you can attach photos directly, but there's no systemwide file system accessible to any given app. That's why you have to "start in" DropBox, etc, and email out from there. This process may be smoothed a bit with iOS 8 but it's unlikely that you'll get exactly what you want.
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Seed does everything except #3.
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#3 was lower on my list of snowflakes. Thank you!
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Your welcome, I downloaded it to test it out for you so I can't speak for it's reliability. I think it crashed once. Up next on my list to try is LightMail - it might even do bulk actions.
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Just following up - I had some major issues with Seed. It would have constant issues trying to connect to my yahoo account, and when it would fail to send a message, the message would completely vanish. So I'm still on the prowl.
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