Solfege: "Let's Start at the Very Beginning"
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I'm looking for suggestions for resources to help learn solfege through self study. I'm open to the media whether they be books, websites, software, recordings, or something I haven't considered. I can read music and have moderate proficiency on the keyboard (Grade 8 Royal Conservatory) though I haven't been playing regularly for several years. I have access to a modern Windows PC, an Android Tablet, an aging Mac (1st gen Intel) and a digital piano if that helps at all.
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What do you want your end result to be -- learning your intervals better, learning the solfege syllables, or something else? Is there a particular theory component you'd like to improve?
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Response by poster: Thanks for your response. I'd like to be able to sight sing using solfege syllables.
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I've started - just - working with this book/CD, which seems good for self-study.
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Sorry but have you googled "learn solfege"? Have been skimming the resulting apps and sites with free lessons and they look promising.
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Response by poster: yoHighness, I suppose I phrased my question imprecisely. I was hoping for personal recommendations like the one thelonius gave.
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Also practice this way: start with melodies you already know by heart and practice applying solfege to them (singing out loud). When you're able do this fluently and in realtime with the 'known' tunes you think of, you'll know you have the comfort with solfege you need to add in the extra layer of sightreading something new.
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sockpup, the phrasing did confuse me, but it's a great question! My personal recommendation is using the lessons from here. Also writing down melodies you already know as solfege to practice with.
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