I miss cassette MixTapes! How to correctly tag/import into Itunes
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Itunes 11.1.5 MAC OS X 10.7.5 --- I made a mixtape with a hodgepodge of MP3's that I downloaded from here & there. What do I need to do in the ID3 Editor to make sure they import into Itunes as one album and in the correct order? (Currently it makes 3-4 albums of the same name with a few of the songs in each identically named album.)

I used an id3 editor and opened all the MP3's as a group an checked "ALbum" and called it "Summer Fun" and assigned a picture. Also checked "Part of a compilation"

I then imported into itunes but the result is 3 or 4 albums called Summer Fun with a few different songs in each album.

How do I consolidate these what do I check or uncheck to make them show up all under the same album and in the correct order?

STEP BY STEP help for the iTunes noob is very appreciated!
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You probably also need to assign the album artist to "Various" to get them to appear as a single album, and then put track numbers in to get them in the right order.
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There are a few other tags that can muck up how iTunes determines what makes an album.

You can edit the ID3 tags in iTunes by selecting a track and hitting Command-I. First things I would check would be "Album Artist" and "Grouping" (make those blank!); then I would check the "Sorting" tab and clear out any of the tags that start with Sort, like "Sort Album" and such.

It might be a good idea to note all the track details for one track on the first album called Summer Fun and compare it with all the track details for one track on the second album called Summer Fun. Then you can see what the culprit is and clean it out easily for the remaining tracks.
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Personally, I think it makes the most sense to:

* Import your songs into iTunes individually, with the original correct title, artist, album info for each one.
* Make your mix as a playlist consisting of the songs you want in the order you want them.

That way you get all the individual songs, which you can mix into playlists as you wish or listen to them by themselves as desired and you get the playlist containing your mix. Or am I completely misunderstanding the point?
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THANK YOU! A combination of things worked, I so appreciate the help! I would have been fiddling around for hours if not for you.
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