Where to Have a Small Meeting near LAX
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I’m hosting a day-long meeting for nine people near LAX in September. Can you recommend a hotel in the neighborhood that’s moderately upscale? By which I mean, suitable for successful, middle-aged professionals who, luckily, understand that we’re not made of money.

We’ll need a meeting room and overnight accommodation for the group, with decent food and beverage for a group lunch break. Possibly dinner, too, if they have a good restaurant on the premises.

Speaking of, any good restaurants in the area?

Bonus filter: I’ll have half days on either end of the meeting and would like to get out and about. I won’t have a car, but taxis or Uber would be fine. Would the Getty Museum be doable within these constraints?

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I'd recommend you look up the nearby hotels on the search site of your choice so you can compare features. There's a couple dozen hotels within 2-3 miles of the airport at every price point, mostly chains but several boutique-style models and a couple of funky (both the good kind and the bad kind) indies. Reviews will tell you what you need to know to narrow down a list to contact about meeting facilities.

For bringing food in, you might do better with delivery from a nearby restaurant (see grubhub for options). LAX is right in the middle of town unlike some cities' airports, so just about anything you could imagine is right there.
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Check out the Marriott in Marina del Rey. Not right at LAX but reasonably close (you can get to the airport quickly without using the freeway). Killer Shrimp is a good restaurant right across the street.
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The Getty should be doable, though depending on how much time you have, it may not be worth it to you if you have to make the trip there during rush hour. It's about half an hour to get from LAX to the Getty without traffic, closer to 45 mins with. I'd say go for it if you have at least a couple hours you can spend at the Getty. The view alone is pretty amazing, never mind the art.
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Best answer: I would recommend the Marriott on Century Blvd near LAX -- they have meeting facilities on-site, as well as food and coffee.
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Best answer: Four Points by Sheraton at LAX?
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Best answer: The Westin on Century Blvd is comfortable and convenient. I've never stayed in one of their rooms but I've attended many conferences there and it seems well suited for your needs.
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Response by poster: Those look perfect. I'll go with whoever offers the best meeting package.

Many thanks!
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Response by poster: Quick follow up... We went with the Westin. Their catering department isn't geared to smaller groups, but we worked out a good solution, and their sleeping room rates are unbeatable.
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