Renew passport?
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Leaving for France and Germany in a week. Returning mid July 2014. My passport expires December 2014. I've read conflicting reports that at least three months from departure and expiration is fine; and that I need six months. Which is which? Do I even have time to get a new passport within a week?
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U.S. Department of State says three months is fine. I think this rule varies from country to country, but it looks like in the Schengen area you'll be fine.
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You're fine.
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The US State department says 3 months is fine for the Schengen Area.
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Thanks guys! After reading your link, I guess the absolute requirement is three months, but the recommendation is six.
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If you were leaving in a month, yeah, go get a new one. It's not worth the effort of getting one before next week, though. Have fun!
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I was in Germany in January of this year, my passport expired in May, meaning I had about 4 months left. A few agents told me to be careful (reminding me of the 3 month limit) and made sure I was leaving in time but otherwise everything was fine.
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I think it's worth reminding other people reading that many other countries require a 6 month validity on a passport, and the advice above is specific to US persons traveling to the Schengen states.
In other words, don't rely on 3 months being sufficient for other trips.
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There's expedited(same day?) in person passport renewals I believe in certain us cities. It will cost $$$ and require proof of soon travel. I'd call the French & German embassies to ask them on their policies before spending the money.

PS. Ask if the expiry date that they care about is x months/days from your departure or return date, it might matter, depending on the duration of your trip.
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Check with the airline - whatever the rules on the countries you're going to, the airline may have their own rules. This is because if an airline lets someone board their flight who is then not allowed into the destination country, the airline are fined and have to fly the person back again - so they are hyper-cautious about letting people board who don't have all their paperwork in order.
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