How do I type out "I'm slipping" in Arabic, but using English letters?
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I'm writing a story (in English) where someone speaks Arabic. All I really need is "I'm slipping" (or "I'm falling" would work fine), but I need to put that into English letters. All the online translators seem to either reject this (presumably because of conjugation & such) or they only give it to me in Arabic letters. Help?
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"Transliteration" would be the key tool. Using that and a translator, I got:

أna alanzlaq
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Here's a transliteration tool for Arabic.
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Hmm... Given that Arabic is right-to-left, though, that could literally be backwards. Withdraw my suggestion; wait for an Arabic speaker/someone who actually knows what they're talking about.
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Until one gets here, I'm moderately sure that the transliteration tool will have taken that into account, as reading supercres's result backwards doesn't sound like Arabic to me.
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google translate does indeed put the latin letters in proper order.

This is the arabic word:


Its kinda like I slip/I'm slipping

I'ts imperfect meaning the action is still taking place.

its prounounced, anzaliq

You don't include the first ana that supercres mentioned. ana means I, but arabic verbs are conugated to include the pronoun.
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is kinda similar but thats more like topple. like how people toppled dictators. inhehar is kinda like collapse or implode.
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أna alanzlaq

isn't right because alanzlaq is the maSdar form of anzalaq, meaning its a verbal noun, kind of like a gerund.

Also if you listen to the word in google translate, it will say anzaliqu. Ignore the u sound (dumma) because its a formal thing that no one really uses or would say verbally.
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I would really find a native or good speaker to ask this, because there are a lot of dialects of Arabic and unless you're writing about a person who would inform you he's falling in Modern Standard Arabic, the online translators might be giving you something that sounds ridiculous in context.
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