Vermont getaway accessible by train (and no car), and maybe camping?
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Hi all From NYC, I'd like a weekend getaway to VT, where I can take an Amtrak to the station and walk around a small town, enjoy a B&B, and so on. If there were camping accessible from said train, that would be the best! Id be happy to rent a car in VT and return on train if necessary, too.
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Best answer: Brattleboro is the place to go. Shortest trip from NYC to Vermont by train. The station is at the foot of Main Street. Camping is at the south end of town, Fort Dummer State Park, which is about a two-mile hike from the train station. There are several B&Bs — closest to the station is a one-guest-room B&B, The Artist's Loft, upstairs on Main Street. But check out also the Crosby House and 40 Putney Road. There are taxis if you need one that meet the train.
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Response by poster: Thanks beagle! And is the area in general nice, for hanging out? Is Brattleboro hippie-ish, or whats the story there?
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yonation: Is Brattleboro hippie-ish, or whats the story there?

Yeah, Brattleboro is one of the best towns in Vermont, and is amongst the hippiest in the state (which is saying something). It's got a very fun, walkable downtown with just about everything you could need. It's probably one of the few destinations in Vermont where you can get by without a car. That said, it's a small small town. If you want a little more vibrant urban scene, I think you can take Amtrak from NYC to Burlington, but you would probably want to rent a car in Burlington, just because it is bigger than Brattleboro, and there would probably be more things you would want to see that are inconvenient to walk to. For a weekend getaway, I think Brattleboro is perfect.
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Response by poster: And one more quick question: IF we were to rent a car in Brattleboro - any *amazing* campsites near that would be better than Fort Drummer?
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Can't really help you with the camping scene in the vicinity. There's some camping at the base of Mount Monadnock, but that's an hour east in New Hampshire. I'd stick with Fort Dummer and explore Brattleboro. A couple of guide sites: 1 2
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Best answer: One of the reasons Brattleboro is a good choice here is that the train gets slower and slower as you go through Vermont. So to optimize your time you really need to get off it quicklike. I live in Randolph VT which is on that same train line but it's a hike from where you are. There is a cute town to walk around (population 4500 or so) and a few B&Bs (two?) and the only camping is a few towns over but it also has what you are looking for. I guess the main question is whether you want a town where you can spend a few days or if you want to be more in the middle of noplace. White River Junction is also pretty cool and interesting but more for the stuff going on than for the beautiful natural scenery, even though there is some.
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I'm a big fan of the Woodstock Inn, in Woodstock, VT. You can take Amtrack to White River Junction and take a quick taxi from there to the inn. It's a gorgeous property, with lots of hiking and nature right outside the door. Woodstock is also a very cute town with great food and coffee.

Bonus: If you have connections to any of the Rockefeller foundations (or university), you get a substantial discount.
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I also recommend Brattleboro. I used to live there, and it's a fantastic little town.

If you go, make sure to stop in McNeil's Brewery and have Ruby Red, and Mocha Joe's for a coffee and a sit.
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Not sure if you're into canoeing, but if you rent a car and drive to Hanover, NH (just across the river from Norwich, VT) you can rent a canoe at Dartmouth's Ledyard Canoe Club, paddle downriver half a mile, and camp on Gilman Island (or stay at the cabin, but it looks pretty solidly booked for the rest of the summer).
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