Learn Chemistry the fun way...via audio?
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Is there a way to learn chemistry that is 1) fun/funny/in some way entertaining 2) via audio?

I never had to take chemistry and I've always been curious about it. But the idea of sitting down with a textbook sounds horribly boring plus not something I have the time to do.

I'd love to enjoy my commute and learn at the same time.

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I really enjoyed The Disappearing Spoon on audiobook.
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I think a person could pick up a lot of chemistry very enjoyably from Oliver Sack's memoir Uncle Tungsten.
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When I was in Uni- the Standard Diviants were amazing!
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This may be broader in scope than what you're looking for, but Bill Bryson's A Short History of Nearly Everything is a totally engagingly written book about science and the history of scientific discoveries, basically written by a student of the humanities for students of the humanities. I used to teach chemistry for non-science majors and would often give his chapter of the discovery of atomic structure to my students as a warm-up for the subject. The book ranges across all manner of science topics, so again, may not be exactly what you want, but if it's available in a audiobook format I'm sure it would be awesome to listen to!
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The Great Courses from The Teaching Company get recommended on AskMe a lot, and many libraries carry their CDs. They have a lecture series on Chemistry, and another called The Joy of Science that includes some chemistry.

And don't forget about iTunes U - there are several chemistry courses, including one from Yale.
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