Neuroscience and steroids in Seattle?
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Last night, thanks to Call in the Night, I had a fascinating conversation with a neuroscience student who studies steroids in Seattle. We talked for an hour and a half, but got cut off while they were mid-story. Help me find out the end of their story!

The service connects you anonymously, so we don't have each other's phone numbers. We never exchanged personal details, but were definitely not done talking. They mentioned that there were only three centers in the US that research steroids in a neuroscience context. So I'm very curious to see if I could find the center where they study so we could finish what we both called the most interesting conversation we've had in months.
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sounds like an interesting project.

The site says, "If you have any problems please email" Have you given this a shot? Might be worthwhile.
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Yeah I emailed him, but I thought I'd query the hivemind as well. It seems like it's a one-man project, so I know that support requests are gonna be a roll of the dice
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Did you get a first name? Here is the student directory of the University of Washington's Neuroscience department.
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Er, since this guy signed up for a service that connects you anonymously, and didn't give you any personal details, maybe we shouldn't assume he'd be cool with having a bunch of internet strangers publicly identify him as having signed up for this thing?
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Since there's about 200 students on that list, HotToddy, and the phone numbers are to their labs rather than their personal numbers, I wouldn't worry unduly that this question is making the guy's involvement super-public. (Also, it's recording material for an experimental radio show, so there's not quite the same expectation of privacy as with a chat service.)

Nímwunnan, did you notice that you agreed not to reincarnate without their permission as Term 9 of the Privacy Policy?
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@gingerest -- I didn't see that in the terms. Hilarious!

@jacqueline -- thanks for that, but, alas, no names at all. I'll see if I can find a departmental contact if the guy who runs Call in the Night doesn't get back to me.

Thanks for all the help!
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