What software to use for managing temporary email addresses on a linux server?
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Help me find mail software or filters to manage temporary email addresses on my linux server.

A long time ago, I came accross some software that would manage temporary email addresses, but my bookmark didn't survive long. I do not remember if it was a set of filters or patches, but I do not think it was a standalone software. It would allow you to create temporary email addresses, of a format like emailaddress+hash@domain (like, splice+DEADBEEF@mydomain.com or something similar), where the hash would be some way of identifying the characteristics of the temporary email; when it was created, how long it lives, etc. Perhaps there was even a web interface to create these accounts, including stats as to how often they're used, etc.

I am aware of free online services that allow you to create temporary mail accounts, but that's not what I'm looking for. I run my own linux server, which serves web pages for a few domains, mail, etc. My mail server runs under exim4, but I also have experience with postfix. I currently just use aliases for temporary accounts, but management can be bothersome. I seem to recall the software was a pretty complete solution, and I'd love to just create a temporary address for 2 weeks to associate with, say, an ad I'd post on usenet, and have it die quietly after the period. This would also allow me to collect stats as to how my address gets around and who's sharing it.

Does anyone have an idea what kind of software would do this for me? Please hope me!
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Are you thinking of TMDA? With TMDA you can use tagged addresses.
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You could use the code of one of those free online services.
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bpt: I'm at work right now, so I can't evaluate this thoroughly but... yes, yes, that does seem to be it. I seem to remember the name being an acronym. The tagged addresses page sure seems familiar. Now I'll have to figure out how to get it in at the right place in my email chain :)

Zed_Lopez: Yeah, I already knew about spamgourmet, I forgot to put that in there... The homepage is down right now, but I remember deciding that it didn't really match what I wanted. Thanks, though. Certainly a useful link if anyone is interested in similar things and browses this question.

Man, is AskMe ever useful. Wish it found that mixtape for me, though... I guess obscure computer programs are just better known in the community than obscure hip-hop mixtapes :)
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I wrote a Perl module called Mail::Address::Temporary which creates email addresses that expire after a certain period (by default 72 hours). The addresses are easy to remember and type in (for example the current one for me is jim+cake.edit@tensegrity.net and it expires today at 3:53. Then it's on to jim+late.dip until Friday.

The nice thing is that there's no storage or lookup needed. All the information is contained in the words after the + sign, which are generated from a timestamp and a secret key of your choosing.

I use a filter based on this in combination with a procmail rule that allows me to reject emails send to an expired address.

I haven't packagized this, but the module and some sample scripts are available at http://jimfl.tensegrity.net/MailAddressTemporary if you feel like doing a little scripting.
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